Our Approach

We are not here as just the specialist in the digital marketing industry, we are here to help you and your team with something that is extremely time-consuming.

With algorithms changing every day for every platform it is crucial that you have someone that specializes in internet marketing. This is what we are here for. We are not here to take anyone's marketing position, we are here to work alongside your team to provide you with the most effective marketing strategies.

Our Structure 

This company is a team of entrepreneurs that can travel as they please to keep creativity and drive at an all-time high. We are in constant contact with one another and most importantly with our clients. By running our agency strickly online we are able to have the best in the industry working on our team! Giving you the best bang for your buck!

Meet Some Of The Team

With everyone on the NEXL LEVEL SOCIAL MARKETING team being their own boss with their lives it allows us to travel and experience many different cultures, places, people, ways of thinking and also lets everyone be themselves. This keeps us creative and ready to take on the next task. We do not dread going to work every Sunday, we continually get great at what we do so that we are as proficient as possible allowing us to get out and experience the world! We could not imagine being forced into work on someone else's schedule just to get paid hourly rates. Doing a better job and getting paid the same hourly rate as the average person next to us is not in our mind. We strive to be the best at everything we do so that we can provide what is needed to our clients and live our lives free!

Cody Looking at camera


Cody Cornwell

Founder / CEO

Cody is the "chess master" on the team. He overlooks the analytics along with the team to make sure all is going well to take our clients to the next level in their business. Creating custom digital marketing strategies and putting the team in the right position to succeed is what he is great at! He makes sure that clients are being taken care of and the right people are on every project, which is key to keeping marketing strategies at the next level.

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Next Level Social Marketing Team

The rest of the Next Level Social Marketing team is kept unnamed. Depending on the niche of our client we use different people to provide our clients with the best results.

Next Level Social Marketing, Very Motion, Digital Marketing


Nathan Wangler

Video Editor / Animator 

Nathan owns and operates VERY MOTION where he and his team create digital content for businesses. Anything from animations to video editing he does it all.


There is no point in waiting another day,  you know you will need the help at some point to get to your business to the next level. Let us be the team that helps you surpass all previous expectations!